2002 Tahoe LT A/C front cold rear warm

06-23-2009, 05:32 PM
This forum was extremely helpful in pointing me in the rt direction. I did remove and replace the radio fuse as suggested because I did recently replece the battery, for the four time (live in AZ). Never had this problem before. I found that a gear in the motor assembly that comtrols the rear temperture door was cracked. The assembly is very easy to remove. It is located behind the rt passenger side panel in the rear. The temp door control motor is the one to the rear of the vehicle and is removed by four screws. This assembly is also easily opened by removed the screws that secure it. What I did is take out the cracked gear, rotate it 180 deg and reinstalled it since the motion of this gear is only about 90 deg anyways the entire gear is not used. Reinstaled and seems to be working find so far.

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