Looking for the Mesh of All of This

06-15-2009, 01:03 PM
I am in search of my next car and have a couple things about multiple cars that I like and I was wondering if there was any sort of middle ground. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Honda S2000 pros: style, handling, mpg, semi-exclusive but still good aftermarket, reliability, rwd --- cons: capacity

05+ Mustang GT pros: style, power for money ratio, huge aftermarket, rwd --- cons: overplayed, not great mpg, handling without $$$

VW GTI pros: handling, euro quality, my current knowledge of the engine, can be quick, style, --- cons: kinda overplayed, high mileage used

Subaru WRX pros: good power, handling, awd, aftermarket --- cons: ricer image, expensive, so so mpg

I know that is a tough list, but basically I want something fairly small but still room to hold more than just two people, good power with ability to make even more, and good handling. I am looking used since my price range is somewhere between 10 - 15k. Thanks

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