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has any one tried this for 90 trooper 2.6 starting prob

06-12-2009, 03:08 PM
I have a 90 isuzu trooper i have read about 40 pages on this site and have found nothing that will help i started off by replaceing the head gasket i had a leak so i wanted to do it now i got everything back together and it would not start so i started to look at the timing and i was 180 out so moved the distributor 180 and it started it started up a few times and then i got my hands on a timing light and i got it in time so i was done and turned it off i was about to pull it out and no start so i made sure the timing was still on and it was so i tried to start it and move the distributor and nothing so i went in and made sure all the vacuum lines were right and i had to move some around to were the book said they shoud be and checked the timing again all right and no change no start so i gave up and in the morrnig i tried again and it started once i turned it off nothing no start so about 6 hours later of taking the intake off and checking everything i got it back together and it started but once again when i turned it off no start again and this is the part where i need to know if you have tried this so i could smell gas so i thought it was flooded so i took so vise grips and crimped the fuel line to burn off the gas inside and not add more and it started for about 3 to 5 sec so i took the vise grips off and no start back on and starts for the same time and now i dont know what to do

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