94 s/c previa am2 fuse keeps blowing

06-09-2009, 11:26 AM
i have a 94 toyo previa supercharged, and it seems when ever it rains, or the road is wet, i keep blowing the AM2 fuse thats located next to the battery with the fusable links. its a 20 amp fuse and when it blows, the van will turn over but wont start. its happened twice in the past week and its seems to fix itself after a couple days of sitting. i went through about 25 fuses tryin to figure out what was goin on, so finally just bought one of those self-reseting circuit breaker fuses. it died on me 2 days ago, and now it cranks up just fine. yesterday i unplugged the distributor and the coil and it still popped the fuse. i read throught a few post on here and someone said something about the distributor shorting out, so i disconnected it, and its still popping fuses. im at my wits end and dont know where to cheak next. any ideas???

06-13-2009, 02:38 PM
update.. ok, so i've disconnected the coil, distributor, and all the fuel injectors... still poppin fuses. this would eliminate any of thoese components causing a short (unless its in the wiring). does anyone know if there is a relay for the ignition system for these vans??? and where it might be located???

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