Starter keeps breaking on me

05-24-2009, 12:07 PM
Hey everyone

Last June I bought a used Charger with 20,000 miles from the dealership. It seemed to run great when I test drove it, and a mechanic friend of mine said that it seemed to be in good shape, so I bought it. Later that day, I left my house to take it for a spin and it would not start! I had it towed back to the dealer and they ended up replacing the starter.

Then, in January, the starter died again. Again, I had it brought back to the dealer and they replaced the starter for a second time.

Just today, I went outside and again, the starter seems to be broken. Of course, since it's sunday and tomorrow is Memorial Day, I'll have to wait until Tuesday to have anything done about it :banghead:

My questions are: What could be causing the starter to die over and over again? And what are my options at this point with the car? I'm no longer in the warranty for the car itself, but they should replace the starter for free anyway since that work was done so recently. If they try to give me any guff about it, I might go buckwild. I live in New Jersey, does anyone know my Lemon Law options?

05-31-2009, 08:37 PM
I have found bad starter relays that work intermittently a mechanic will normally just change a starter and generally it starts right up. You have to use a test light at the starter and make sure the solenoid is getting power.
A bad ignition switch will also cause this problem. I imagine all the starters were good.

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