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How to increase my s10's speed?

05-23-2009, 05:45 PM
Hello. To start with, I gotta 2000 chevy s10 ls, it's a 2.2 4 cylinder, and slower than dirt. It is a manual transmission 5 speed, great on gas and all, but there's just no power to it. I was just wondering if there was anything I could do, short of throwing a new motor in it, to get some more speed out of it.

I've been thinking about just getting another vehicle, but I'll have problems with that because of limited space. Plus I like trucks opposed to cars, because I like to be higher up off the ground. Anyway, I really like my truck, I'd just like it to be a bit faster if possible. I ran a quarter mile at 20.7 seconds... pretty bad. Only got it up to 60 mph. I don't have an rpm gauge on it, so I could prly get a little more out of it if I wanted, but still, I'd like to get it down to like the 16's if possible.

My knowledge on vehicles isn't huge. All my friends know quite a bit on older muscle cars, but they're not real familiar when it comes to all the computer stuff. So I was just wondering if anyone could help me out. I know that turbos are bad if you don't have performance parts, and this truck is like completely stock.

Anyway, just let me know, I've got around 2 grand I could dump into it.

06-05-2009, 01:36 PM
I don't agree on the Turbo. In fact, that is probably the ONLY type of forced induction that can work with a relatively stock drivetrain without instantly killing it. While it is of course better to be using stronger than stock parts, I'd say you could run 8lbs of boost on the stock drivetrain as long as you don't rape it 24/7.

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