Found a VERY RARE Indy Car that is for sale

05-19-2009, 03:46 PM
I sell vehicles here in Central Florida but not collectors. Well two gentleman came to me and said they have this Indy Car that they want to sell.I had heard about this car since I know some of the family members. So I went to see it and said "wow what a car !

I asked how did you find this car. They said on a remodeling job for an elderly lady who's husband died years ago. I did not ask what the purchase price was. I asked how much do they want and they said highest offer that reasonable to what they bought it for will win. They have been told it could be worth up to $800,000 if someone spends time on getting all the history on this vehicle. They have some offers of what I understand. They did tell me they want to see all offers no matter what it is.They just do not have the time to deal with the car and research since they run their own businesses.

So here is the info they gave me. .

Please place offer with me. We have recieved many already. Best offer get's this very rare vehicle.

Email me with your contact number please.


Here is the info below.............................................

1920s Fronty Ford Indy Race Car
1921 Ford Engine (verified serial number)
All part numbers are from that era (1920's)
Many parts are stamped "Patent Pending"
Motor...serial # 5237945
Winfield Carb Model SR....serial # SR BD 4671....patent # 288398
Bosch Magneto Type DV4 Model 4 BMOa 576714
Geimer Steering Box....Patent Pending
3 speed + reverse transmission

I purchased this vehicle in 2003 from Gary A. Wutke who was a collector and raced stock cars in the 70's with his best year being a national win in 1977. Mr. Wutke purchased the race car in Chicago in the early 80's from another collector who at this time has not been named.
This race car has a dashboard plaque indicating "Built by Chevrolet Brothers Mfg Co."
The car displays a Frontenac emblem on the radiator along with a AAA racing emblem and a Boyce Motometer radiator cap.

To my knowledge this race car is an authentic Fronty Ford race car built by Chevrolet Brothers. I will continue to update this web site as I research and verify the history of this important part of American racing history. Please feel free to contact me with any information or questions that you may have on this vehicle.

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