hatch window and spare tire holder

05-19-2009, 12:36 PM
ok a couple of questions, first off after having my back window broken, i found one at a junk yard, my old window didnt have the wiper assembly on it, this one does, how hard would it be to wire it up to work.

i also picked up a swing arm spare tire carrier other then the brace(or is it needed at all, can i make my own brace? also is it removable or tack welded in?) listed as 12 in the pic what other bracing would i need to install it?


oh oh, the head liner is it swapable from a 91 to a 88?

and my blazer is an 88 2dr 4x4 the one im pulling parts from is a 91 2dr 4x4 both are s-10 blazers

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