My Jimny(Gypsy) Rebuild Project

04-28-2009, 03:22 AM

Check out my Gypsy..its a 1994 Gypsy 4X4...Baught it from a coffee estate owner near chickmangalore..i bought it on mar 18 ...The vehicle is currently undergoing total overhaul in mysore.....It will be ready by April end....Wait for the next picture…..

Clicked those Snaps near Chickmangalore...

04-28-2009, 11:51 PM
Small update on my Gypsy rebuild project J. Soon after buying it, I gave my gypsy for small touch up work (In Mysore) but the tinker brain washed me and took my gypsy for a Repainting L.
Week 1: All the electrical, Seats have been ripped off. (first image attached)

Week 2: Work is going very slow. My dad goes every day here to monitor the work progress, If feel sorry for him L
Now almost all the outer body has been scrapped. This is how it look’s after scraping the old paint. (Second, third and fourth image attached)

04-28-2009, 11:59 PM
The sticker on the front glass “Hosahalli estate” is her previour owners. Didn’t get time to remove it yet.

The Guy in the above pic is my Chaddi Dosth Rakshit.
In the meen time, I went hunting for a nice set of shoe’s for my lady in JC road, Bangalore. Finially I liked one n asked for the price of the same wheels in many shops. The first guy told 21000Rs, I went enquiring many shops for best price as I was buying 10 set of wheels(My friend Zikrya is also building his gypsy so we decided to buy together as it will be cheaper and easy to bargain)finally I managed to buy the same at 17.5K J for a set of 5 wheels.
Now check out the Alloy Wheels

04-29-2009, 12:09 AM
Hey guys
I have been busy over the past week, that’s the reason that I haven’t been able to update.
Here is a small update on my Gypsy rebuild project…. My company doesn’t pay me for these kinds of projects thoughJ

Lot of my friends, family members are calling up and asking, hey krishna/kiran (kiran is my nick name)

Where is your gypsy??…
Is it ready???....
Oh when it will be ready???...
Bring it and show it to us ok!!.....
We need a long ride!!!!…

Recently attend a function; most of my relatives had been there, few were asking the same above questions ….Am getting good moral support J

But some (the smart intelligent breed) ask “You baught a gypsyyyy!!!!…oh why did you buy a Gypsyyy??...Oh its fourteeeeeeen years old????…You easily get second hand esteem, swift, ikon for the price you have paid for your gypsyeeee man…you should have bought esteem, swift or an ikon….blaugh blaugh blaugh “.
My answer for them….Oh is it….I didn’t know (As if am dumbJ )……


Work is going on snail’s pace
Finally last Saturday the tinkering work got over…check out the snaps….He is the tinker (one of the laziest person I have ever met, look how he’s smiling (I started showing him stars in broad daylight….so that he finishes the work fast….while clicking this snap I told ‘I will put your snap in the internet’… … please..Say cheese’ J )...

04-29-2009, 12:12 AM
The blue car on the right side is my Zen.
Now that the tinkering work is over its been handed over to the painting guys…currently they are spraying some liquid, red oxide type….It is used to check the body level, small dents if any etc etc…once this is done…then they spray primer….

04-29-2009, 12:18 AM
During this time I started hunting for tire’s…wanted a muscular meaner looking tire (All terrain Type)…went to almost every tire shop in and around JC road…some (again the smart intelligent breed) trying to sell their old stock….”Saaar go for XZY tire its very good…its imported….MRF is not good….it has limited warranty Saaar….blaugh blaugh..we will give you unconditional warranty….ours is chinaaa made saaar….” ….finally after getting enough information about tires, tread pattern….I zeroed in on the YOKOHAMA GEOLANDERS TUBLESS TIRE…This time I bargained for this tire through phone..The price in Mysore and Bangalore was almost the same so booked it in Mysore itself….
Finally after a week, got a call from the tire shop owner saying the tire is with him and I can take it….I went to Mysore last weekend and bought the tire’s…..check out the snaps….

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