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What are Best Rear Shocks for 96' Jimmy

04-27-2009, 08:55 AM
I've been reading many of the past posts trying to find what would be the best repalcement shocks for my 1996 GMC Jimmy, but so far I've read many that have used the Rancho, Billstein and Monroe.

I dont wanna get some that are too hard, since I dont ever use my truck off road, just somethign that will be as good as the OEM. I am having trouble finding the original brand that it comes with: deCarbon K 3409 0.

Ive seen the AC Delco's that Rock has but which will be the best for my 2WD Jimmy??

Any suggestions on what would be the closes to the original? Or, what is the actual bran dthat the dealer uses???? Thanks

05-28-2009, 12:05 PM
Well, after weeks of research and looking at the better brand and quality shocks I've decided to go with an old thread here that lists KYB's Gas-A-Just for the REAR and KYB GR-2's for the Front. These seem to have a better quality according to many of the reviews but the true review will come once i try them on. Ill keep you posted on how they feel.

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