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RB26 Forged tomei build.

04-19-2009, 04:57 AM
Hey ive been on these forums for a number of years never really posted anything up but ive got an upcoming project on an r34 gtr and this is my build ive decided to go with.. will upload pics etc when it starts comin in


TOMEI ARMS B7660 Turbo Kit
TOMEI EXPREME Turbine Outlet Pipe
TOMEI EXPreme Exhaust Manifold
TOMEI Heavy Duty Timing Belt
TOMEI Valve Springs
TOMEI Valve Guide Set
TOMEI Adjust Pulley

Intake. MID Type. 260 degrees duration, 10.25mm lift.
Exhaust. MID Type. 260 degrees duration, 10.25mm lift.

TOMEI Reinforced Con Rod Bolts
TOMEI Forged Piston Kit
TOMEI Forged H-Beam Conrod Kit
TOMEI Gasket Combination
TOMEI High Performance Oil Pump for RB26
TOMEI Oversize Oil Pan for RB26
TOMEI Cooling Channel Forged Piston Kit
TOMEI Head Studs
TOMEI Reinforced Cam Cap Studs RB26DETT
TRUST GReddy Crank Cap Bolt Nut Set
HKS Fuel Pump Ugrade
HKS Fuel Delivery Kit
HKS Adjustable Fuel Regulator

HKS 1000cc Injector
NISMO Bearing Connecting Rod Set 1
NISMO Oil Separator
NISMO Intake Plenum

SplitFire Super Direct Ignition System

COOLING / Intake

NISMO Air Flow Meter
ARC Super Blow Off Valve
ARC Super Induction Box
ARC Oil Cooler Kit
ARC Engine Oil Cooler Kit
ARC Oil Cooler Rear Differential Oil Cooler Kit
ARC Intercooler Kit
ARC Radiator Hood Panel
ARC Radiator Set
ARC Thermostat

Drivetrain / Suspension

ARC Titan Strut Tower Bar
NISMO Circuit Link Set Left/Right
NISMO Rear A Arm Set
NISMO Under-Floor Reinforcing Bar
NISMO Under-Floor Reinforcing Bar Center
NISMO Stabiliser Kit
NISMO Super Coppermix Twin COMPETITION model
NISMO Light Weight Flywheel
NISMO Big Operating Cylinder

Havnt decided on electronics yet

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