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95' 2.2 puzzle???

04-17-2009, 10:30 AM
hello, i have a strange problem i'm trying to diagnose, last fall (early winter) when it started to get cold the engine starting acting up, when the car would sit and idle for awhile it would all of a sudden start sputtering and then die, usually it would not start unless i left it sit for awhile, then when it started it seemed to hesitate on acceleration and try to cut off while driving. the engine still has hesitation when i accelerate. i have cleaned the intake, changed fuel filter, changed plugs and wires, new EGR, new coil packs, new coolant temp switch or coolant sender ((the one next to the thermostat, 2 wires)), had the ICM checked, cleaned the IAC, checked for vaccum leaks, changed the TPS. now that the weather is getting warmer (70's) the engine seems to be running better??? i'm not sure if the outside temp. has anything to do with this problem??? also just to note, the idiot light on the dash has never came on.

also there is a sensor or sending unit on the back of the engine towards the top with three wires, i thought it was a coolant switch or sender, i unplugged it but no idiot light comes on.

04-18-2009, 01:13 PM
It sounds like your injectors are clogged, or maybe a fuel pressure regulator or fuel supply problem. You would need to check fuel pressure and run an injector cylinder drop test (which requires test equipment). Run Techron fuel cleaner through the tank. Other than that it could possibly be a bad PCM ground or corrossion at the PCM but probably not. Does your check engine light come on when you first turn the key to ON before starting it? You might want to take your car to an autoparts store to make sure no codes are set.

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