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Z4 Chrome-line interior....and the 2.5??

03-29-2003, 01:27 PM
Hi all,

Can anybody tell me the difference in "looks", with of without the Chrome-line interior option.

The (luxury) problem is as follows. My dad bought my mother a Z4, next week is the last week in wich we can adjust our order. A 2.5 S (sport package) is ordered, but it hasn't the pakkage "chrome line interior antracite" (standard on the 3.0 and not optional on the 2.5). Here (in Holland) the Z4 has been released just last week, the 2.5 isn't available yet, and as the pictures in the brochures are all of the 3.0 we don't know the difference is in looks.

My mother doesn't need the extra power of the 3.0, and doesn't get happy from a 6 gear box, so the price difference between a 2.5S and the 3.0 (about 3000 euro's) can only optically be compensated (antracite grill, waterfall interior lightning, head light background in chrome)(think thrue mothers eye's :)).

On all the foto's in all magazines (3.0 models) the roll bars, steering weel spokes, are very shiny (chromelike with sun on it) it seems to be titanium...??? Who can tell me what the roll bars and steering wheel (main item's) of the 2.5 look like. Our dealer isn't sure, and BMW holland say's you can't hardly see the difference, but it's plastic on the 2.5..... Who can help me out...??

03-29-2003, 01:45 PM
I've forgotten one item, selling price. Who can give me a indication of the loss of those 3000 euro's after 4 years. I.o.w. What will be the price difference in used Z4's after 4 years between a 2.5S and a 3.0.....??



I just foud out about the drifferent configurations in the US. The only package sold in holland is the "sport package" with contains;

for the 2.5:
metallic laquer, Leather with aluminium trim, alarm III, automatic soft top, heated seats, Parc distance conrol (PDC), automatic Airco.

for the 3.0:
as 2.5 + electrical seats, xenon headlights with washing possiblilty.

without packages:
the basic 3.0 has over a basic 2.5:
- Leather with aluminium trim
- automatic soft top
- heated seats
- styling 103 wheels (doule spoke design)
- chrome line interior antracite
- interior lights package (waterfall lights etc.)
- chrome background in headlights
- graphite grille
- 6-speed gearbox
- alarm class III
- ventilated discbrakes rear
and another engine..:D

Menu dei Motori
03-30-2003, 05:11 AM
there is a price difference of about 6000 between 2.5 and 3.0

but if you ad the options the 3.0 has over the 2.5 there will only be a difference of 2500 and thats really ok!!!

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