Tracker Steering Problem? Possible Solution.

04-15-2009, 09:14 AM
I have a 2000 Tracker that I basically lost my power steering capabilties. To steer the wheel, it felt like there were harder spots than others, and going around corners made it tricky.
Lifted vehicle to inspect:

I thought my rack and pinion were gone.....inspected for leaks, no problems.

Checked all joints (ball, TR Ends, steering knuckles and shaft) and all were good.

A-arms fine, so was stabilizer and links.

Looked at P.S. Pump for belt tightness and anything I could see.
Noticed a wire connector in back of P.S. Pump. Disconnected it and visually inspected the single slip-on wire connector was corroded! Cleaned it up and put di-electric grease on it and re-connected it. Found out this is a "power steering pressure switch", and the coneection was just corrded enuf from the elements, it wasn't working properly.

Drove it outside the garage and felt it was better B4 exiting the building.

Read on some forums how much replacement costs for R&Pinion cost, and thought this might be their problem. Of course, the dealerships that say that, also fix the corroded wire after they installed a new R&P.

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