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Electrical Failure!!!! HELP!

04-08-2009, 01:38 PM
When I was leaving my bank I backed up, popped in to first to the exit. and at about 10 miles an hour when I probably should of dropped it down to second, I left it in first and dumped the clutch, with a jerk i started goin forward an all of a sudden the whole car died on me. all power and everything dropped, stereo went out and everything I managed to coast over to the curb and the whole dash started filling with smoke BAD, and smelled burning BAD, it seeped out from behind the gauge cluster primarily.

No lights, hazard or anything... Now here's where it gets informative
When my father showed up, i don't know if he bumped something or if it was the fact the car started rolling slightly or what. but the hazard lights came back and the interior dinging, but then went out again.. I can turn the key to start it, I hear the fuel pump and the engine tries to start, but won't turn over.

A bit a bout this probe

I sort of jury rigged the power wire under the fender and through the door jam of the driver's side door. I KNOW that wasn't smart. Also there was a RED WIRE coming from the harness between the engine and the battery, that went to the NEGATIVE terminal of the battery, it LOOKED aftermarket and the end was BADLY rusted/corroded I noticed and the end of it just snapped off AFTER all this took place when I was trying to troubleshoot/fix it. I THINK this was a starter ground, because I had issues with it before where I go to start the car and the whole interior dies and the thing won't even click.

Any thoughts or more information necessary?

Did I blow my power harness?

04-08-2009, 02:44 PM
Was speculating that the red wire that was corroded, when the car jostled it lost the connection , maybe that was a ground? cuz I think that's why the starter cut the interior an everything out before

I have a new ECU, Steering Column, and Gauge Cluster to replace my existing ones... ya'll think this would work?

04-11-2009, 06:03 PM
The only way you're gonna find out is to try.

There's no knowing how much damage you've done by jury rigging a power supply - doesn't sound like it was fused by all accounts??

Why did you jury rig a power supply in the first place?

Take it a step at a time and try and isolate any damaged wiring.

Other than that, good luck!!

04-11-2009, 08:47 PM
the previous owner of the vehicle rigged in a lot of aftermarket guages, fuel pressure gauges, air/fuel ratio gauges, tachometer ( no clue why he put another since it already has one) and a shift light . There was a LOT of wires that didn't need to be there that were just left in the relay box when he took it out . Not to mention the cooling fan was rigged to a toggle cuz the "sensorsr went bad" so he said.

Well, guess I gotta start ripping out my steering column and dash on monday ugh...

Well I'll get back with everyone here and let ya'll know if doing that solved it or not so we can come up with more possibilites

As for the amp i had, it was a 4 gauge power wire run directly from the positive term to the amp, no intermediary fuses, jsut the one at the amp, and the ground to that was about a 6 inch ground directly to the chasis.


When the car first stalled, I tried STARTING IT AGAIN at about 3 miles an hour, and NOT from a dead stop.. I know the crankshaft was still in motion. do you think the starter fried the rest of everything? Should I replace the starter too? I know it has lifetime warranty, but not under my name. lol.

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