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D15b7 head on a D16y7 bottom end

04-06-2009, 07:52 PM
I bought a 97 wrecked civic with a good low milage D16y7 and 5 sp. which is obd2 and its going into a 95 D15b7 auto obd1 car. I'm wondering if any one has put the d15b7 head on a d16y7 bottom end? If that would work I could stay obd1. I have read that you can just use the injectors and dist. and use the complete 1.6 eng. and also stay obd1 but on the iac the 1.5 has 2 wire connector and the 1.6 obd2 car has bigger 3 wire connector. If I have to do a lot ill just put the whole eng 5 sp and complete harness and ecm and make it obd2 . Thanks for any help.

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