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service SSS light in 93

04-01-2009, 07:34 PM
Recently today my service SSS light came on when i was driving and i know it has to do with the suspension, i just wanted to know if this is a major problem or will develop into one, and if i can fix it. i also called the dealership and they just told me to bring it in for 85 bucks (ya rite), he also said that this can cost around 2500+ to fix, but i dont know if hes just doing the mechanics thing, cause i do know that the car is barely worth 3000.

please help?

04-02-2009, 07:23 AM
I got the light in my '93 4.9 around 1998. After determining that there were no leaks in the struts and that the problem was a failure in an internal strut sensor, I applied the procedure noted without replacing the struts. The ride is firmer because when the sensor fails the struts default to firm on the ride setting. The parts for this cost about $25 IIRC and it take about 30 minutes to do.
This is what GM says........

Info -- Procedure to Disable Illumination of Service Indicator AFTER installing Passive Struts #00-03-11-001A
Applies to:
1989-1992 Cadillac Allante
1991-1993 Cadillac Eldorado, Seville
1991-1995 Cadillac DeVille
This bulletin is being revised to clarify when this bulletin may be used to turn the service suspension lamp off. Also, a step has been added to the 1991 Cadillac Eldorado and Seville repair. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 00-03-11-001 (Section 3 -- Suspension)
Some owners may bring their vehicles in for service with an illuminated service suspension light. The service suspension indicator lamp is telling the owner that the vehicle is due for strut/shock replacement, a maintenance item. The customer may elect to have passive struts installed in their vehicles due to the repair cost savings and/or parts availability. The installation of passive shock/struts will result in handling characteristics which are the equal to a like vehicle without the computer controlled ride, with all other components such as tires, tire pressure, springs, etc. being equal. The installation of (4) new passive struts will cause the continued illumination of the service suspension indicator. If desired by the customer, the service indicator may be disabled AFTER THE INSTALLATION OF THE (4) NEW PASSIVE STRUTS, using the appropriate service procedure listed below. This bulletin DOES NOT authorize this procedure unless (4) NEW PASSIVE STRUTS WERE INSTALLED ON THE VEHICLE.
The wiring harness going to each strut and or chock assembly should be cut and taped back to clean-up the appearance both under the hood and under the vehicle. In addition, each specific vehicle will require a modification as outlined below:
1989-1992 Allante with Speed Dependent Damping (SDD): Refer to the Service Manual page 8D-13 (1989) or 8D-14 (1990-1992). On these vehicles, adjust the BCM Override value "BS08". To do this, use the warmer/cooler button on the CCDIC to decrease the BCM override value "BS08" which is displayed when you enter the system by two(2). When the desired number is displayed on the CCDIC, it must be stored by holding the "Elapsed Time" and "Fuel Used" buttons until the new value flashes on and off. When it flashes on and off, the new value has been stored.
1991 Eldorado and Seville with Computer Command Ride (CCR): Refer to the Service Manual page 8D-12. Set the BCM override value BS09 to 0 by using the warmer and cooler buttons. Store this value by pressing the Econ button on the climate control panel and the Instant Econ button on the Fuel Data/Drivers Information Center for about five seconds. The new value will be stored even through the indicator does not flash. Remove the key from the ignition. Disconnect both battery cables from the battery. When both cables have been disconnected, touch the ends of the cables together and hold for five seconds. This will discharge the capacitors in the system and allow the system to perform properly when the battery cables are reconnected. Advise the customer they will have to reset all radio stations and clock.
1993 Eldorado and Seville with Speed Sensitive Suspension and 4.9L Engine Only: Refer to page 8A-43-6 in the 1992 Eldorado Seville Service Manual.
o Cut Circuit 1020 (PINK)
o Attach the IPC side of circuit 1020 to relay pin 87A
o Attach the module side of circuit 1020 to relay pin 86
o Run a ground wire to relay pin 30
o Run a wire from a switched ignition (hot in run) source to relay pin 85.
1991-1993 DeVille with Computer Command Ride (CCR): Refer to the Service Manual, page 8A-43-0. Cut Circuit 1300 (Dark Green wire) at the CCR module (Pin C15) to disable the indicator lamp. Tape the wires back into the harness to prevent shorting to other components.
1994-1995 DeVille with Speed Sensitive Suspension (SSS) and 4.9L Engines ONLY: Refer to the 1994 Eldorado, Seville, DeVille Service Manual, page 8A-43-14:
o Locate and cut circuit 370 (RED)
o Attach the IPC side of circuit 370 to pin 87A of the relay
o Attach the module side of circuit 370 to pin 86 of the relay
o Run a ground wire to relay pin 30
o Run a wire from a switched ignition (hot in run) source to relay pin 85.
The following part numbers are required to make the correction on the 1993 Eldorado/Seville and the 1994-1995 DeVille:
Part Number Description Qty
12193601 Relay 1
15306045 Connector 1

This is how I did mine.....

Service manuals are available from time to time on Ebay. You don't need it for this if you follow directions carefully.

You can buy the relay (P/N 12193601) and the connector (P/N15306045) at .

The module you are looking for is mounted on the rear seat support, lower right, right of module marked Bosch, lower right side, accessible from the trunk. It is about 5" X 4" with a connector on the bottom.

Following the instructions previously posted, you will identify which pins on the relay correspond to the wires on the connector/socket. The relay is plainly marked as to pin identity. The socket has extra connections for other uses so just strip the ends of the wires you will be using.

You will find the pink wire coming out of the connector on the module. Cut it at a convenient place. You will wire pin 86 to the section of pink wire going to the module. You will wire pin 87A to the other section of pink wire.

You will locate the solid brown wire and splice the wire from pin 85 into it.

You will run the wire from pin 30 to a good ground. I used on of the bolts holding the Bosch module to the seat support.

That should do it.

When I did mine I soldered the connections and used shrink tubing and it has held fine for about 8 or 10 years.


04-06-2009, 07:11 PM
so basically what your saying is to just do this and this will fix everything or what? no strut or suspension replacement?

04-06-2009, 08:39 PM
Procedure to remove SSS illumination. Remove bulb.

04-07-2009, 01:40 PM
so basically what your saying is to just do this and this will fix everything or what? no strut or suspension replacement?

It will turn the light off, nothing more.

04-07-2009, 06:37 PM
im actually trying to figure out if i need to replace any of the struts, but i dont know if the light just came on by default of something minor, because the car still rides fine and it seems as if nothing has changed basically is there anyway to tell its broken without taking it to a mechanic?

04-08-2009, 06:30 AM
What is broken is the ability of the suspension to adjust firmness based on vehicle speed. A component located inside the strut itself to adjust the firmness has failed. It is not serviceable. In my case there were no leaks and the ride, although firmer due to the suspension defaulting to the firm setting when this component failed, was acceptable. Essentially it was now as if I had installed firm shocks in a non-adjustable suspension vehicle. I chose to install the relay to turn off the DIC "Service Ride Control" message and leave it at that. It's been fine for 10 years. If your struts are not leaking and the ride is satisfactory, you'll have to decide for yourself if you have something that needs fixing. I had that same decision to make and decided that nothing needed fixing other than turning off that annoying message with the relay.

04-12-2009, 03:42 PM
ok ya i understand this perfectly now, im gonna go with the procedure of which you told me, thanks for all the help.

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