Towing parts install - do ask your RV dealer...

04-01-2009, 02:01 PM

Each week, I'm slowly buying the 3rd party parts to upgrade my new '09 Montana EWB van - for Utility Trailer towing ability. Today at lunch hour, I picked up the ordered Timbren SES units. While driving home, I visit at my local RV dealer - to inquire about other needed upgrade / install parts.

It was lunch time and luckily, the Service Tech was having lunch with the front desk Sales guy. Thus, they both helped me - from a sales price and a technical product / technical install perspective. Man, talk about an eye opener.

Since 3 years ago (when I installed towing items on my previous Safari van), technology has improved. And in some ways, dramatically improved. For example:
- Better and smaller size Electric Brake Controller - for my one large utility trailer.
- Better "under vehicle" protected wiring - for Brake Controller and 12V "+" wire feeds.
- "Active" T-Connectors with their own "power up" box - to eliminate the need for HD turn signal module.
- Better, rust resistant & smaller 7 Pin Connector - compared to 3 years ago.

If wondering, I also obtained purchase price on all needed towing items (including Class III hitch). To my surprise, my local RV dealer has very competative prices - compared to my 2 other local auto parts stores. Being a specialty RV store, I assumed their prices would be way too much - compared to others. Will buy the "best buy" items later.

Lesson learned: If you are going to install "towing upgrade" items on your van, do visit your local RV dealer as well. Even if you don't like their prices, you might learn MORE about newer technology / newer install methods as well. Glad I visited my RV dealer today (and got the Sales guy & Sr. Tech guy to teach me the new technology products / methods).

Hope this helps others...


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