Two Issues....

04-01-2009, 05:17 AM

I JUST purchased AS IS, a 1999 STS.

1. I experience (after a week) a popping sound when turning the wheel to the right. And, I get a vibration between 60 and 70mph on the highway. I've a couple of posts but I'm not sure it's the same issue. Can anyone tell me what this may be? Struts, bearings, etc? Also, I feel EVERY bump in the road! I understand that the STS is a more stiff ride than the SLS, but I shouldn't feel a PENNY if I ran over it!

2. Fuel Gauge: The actual gauge itself is ALL OVER THE MAP! The used car dealer told me (AFTER I SIGNED THE DOTTED LINE) that the gauge is off by 1/4. So at 1/4 tank, it's actually EMPTY. I thought it's no big deal because I can use the FUEL RANGE indicator. (My 2000 Park Avenue had the same thing and it worked fine). But the computerized indicator I believe is wrong as well. I put $20 in the tank 2 days ago, and it still says I have 198 miles before empty. I've driven a LONG way. Any ideas to getting this calibrated?

Thanks for your help. I'm really discouraged right now.... The dealer indicates that this is AS IS. I feel like I've PAID for problems. And... I've financed it for 3 years.

04-11-2009, 02:28 AM
Vibration, check wheel balance, check front bearings, check tire pressure, check tie rods

Popping, check tie rods, check front suspension, check rear diff

Fuel Gauge, scroll through menu, reset fuel consumption etc..., will clear out how much fuel used and how the car was driven and will start to recalculate. Might need a battery disconnect to clear ECU/Tranny learn points if that doesn't work.

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