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HD Flasher module upgrade - do I need it???

03-30-2009, 10:20 PM

Within the next few days, I'll be obtaining my family's newly purchased '09 Montana EWB van. Will be installing my own rear suspension upgrade (Timbren SES units - already bought), T-Connector & Class III hitch (available at my local auto parts store). If wondering, I might use this new Montana van to pull a small 4x6 utility trailer or a larger 6x10 utility trailer. Will be pulling these light weight trailers on both country and fast hiway roads - possibly max 6 times a year. Each utility trailer has standard rear brake/signal light assemblies. The non-LED version.

With the above in mind, will I need to install (upgrade) a HD Turn Signal Flasher module in my new '90 Montana as well? I'm sure simple answer is "try it and see". But from a proactive budget perspective, do you feel my new van will need this flasher Signal module upgraded? If you have a '07-08-09 Uplander or Montana van and pull utility trailers, did you need to upgrade its standard turn signal module as well?



04-01-2009, 01:20 PM


During a technical chat with my local RV Dealer's Sr. Tech, I was told the following:

Option A - One can install the basic "passive" T-Connector. This T-Connector (found at most auto-stores) may or may not properly power additonal signal and brake lights. On some vehicles (including the Montana/Uplander van), the factory signal wiring is thin. And its factory turn signal module is "standard" size as well. The standard signal flasher module "may" power the attached trailers' lights but not properly power lights on a different trailer. Since I have 2 different utility trailers, I have to take this risk into consideration. Yes. Installing a HD flasher "unit" upgrade does allow the vehicle to power more lights. However, its factory signal wiring is still thin. And the HD flasher might "over stress" the vehicle's factory wiring. As he put it, connect a 4-pin utility trailer. If the signal lights blink too fast, HD Signal module upgrade is needed. Or, go with below Option B - "which is better then factory".

Option B - One can install a more advanced "active" T-Connector. This 3rd party special T-Connector also has a special 12V power box. And this box is powered by a seperate 12V "+" thick wire and is also grounded. In simple terms, this is a special 3rd party Relay Connector / Turn Signal module - in the rear of the vehicle. By installing this box, the factory "standard" Turn signal is used. And, a box at rear of the vehicle doesn't over stress the vehicle's factory thinner wiring either. This special "active" T-Connector is more expensive then a "passive" T-Connector but if one needs to buy a HD turn signal module, the total "out of pocket for parts" cost is the same.

For me, I'll go with Option B - for my 2 different trailers. Thus, I'll never have to worry about "over stressing" the vehicle's thinner factory wiring. Luckily, I'm very comfortable installing 12V wiring. Especially stuff like this.

When doing your research on upgrading your vehicle for towing ability, do keep the above different options in mind as well. Especially if you plan to install a 7-Pin outlet with included 12V "+" wire anyway and electric brake controller as well.

Hope this helps others...


04-06-2009, 01:34 PM

If you are wondering what an "active" T-Connector "special box" looks like (to power many or larger trailer lights without the need for HD flasher module upgrade), surf:


Luckily, my local RV dealers sells T-Connector wiring and special box in the same wiring bundle. With a combo kit, there's NO need to splice wires - except going into main 7-pin outlet (on rear hitch area). And, the "+" live feed and "-" ground feed going into this "special" active box.

"Active" T-Connector wiring diagram is: http://www.accessconnect.com/taillight_converter.htm

Hope this helps as well...


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