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In line fuel pum troubleshooting

03-23-2009, 03:01 PM
Hi, I need advice, I'm having an intermittent problem with my in line fuel pump on my E150 89 5.0L. Sometimes it quits so I take a hammer and knock a bit on it an it's working. One day I took it off the van and cleaned the contact and put new wire connector. It still doing the same thing. Does a fuel pump stops working when it's old or it just the end of the pump? I have low oil pressure too can this affect the pump?


03-23-2009, 03:57 PM
Normally when you tap a DC Motor and it starts its going bad. Use a DVOM and check for voltage if you have voltage. Check the ground if you have both and the pump doesn't run buy a new pump. You can also buy one from a scrap yard.
Pulling the pan and cleaning the strainer would probably help your oil pressure.

03-25-2009, 04:33 AM
I finally found a replacement pump at the scrap yard, but this was not easy, why? because evreytime I asked for a E150 89 (Imade about 24 calls) they told me no inline pump listed on their computer...So I began to search over the net on salvage yard online for F150 4.9 5.0 and 5.8 1984 to 1989 and they had a inline pump listed. So I went back to to see what part numbers listed for the F150 and it was the same! wow, so I called back the scrap yard and ask for a F150 89 4.9 FRAME MTD fuel pump and bang they sold me it for 50$ a nice CARTER almost unused, this make my day man. I dismantle the old pump a BOSCH original from the van and I noticed that the brushes were at the bottom line and the stator was eaten near 3/32 inches and a little loose at the shaft were the impeller is. It still working but it doesn't have that much pressure so I will use this old tranny for an outside water pump. Now the van is powerfull on high speed and doesn't sputter anymore. A new carte pump here details around 200$, I'm happy with my purchase.So that's the story.

Have a good day all!

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