rubber burnt smell

03-19-2009, 04:17 AM
2001 Rio Automatic with A/C 116,000

Friend called last night on her way home from work and said that she could smell something like burnt rubber with the window open latter got stronger even with the window closed. When she got to the house I took a quick look and could smell what she was talking about and it seemed to come from the passenger side of engine.

Checked the drive belts for tightness and are in fine shape.
Removed the cover above the timing cover and checked to make sure no oil was present in the spark plugs from bad orings, good shape. I had replaced spark plugs end of Febraury and had found a mouse nest, with the spark plug wire ends on coil pack had been knawed on by the mice and still need to be replaced.

Removed timing belt top cover to inspect timing belt. The cover did have some real fine ground rubber dust and the inside of cover. Belt looks to be in pretty decent shape with the tensioner and idler turning fine. Using a stethoscope the left bearing looking from the passenger towards the driver side is a touch noiser than right. Also listened to ps pump, alternator, and A/C compressor without any excess noise or hot pulley's.
The water pump pulley was close to hot by touch. The water resorvoir is low but I could not find any coolant leaking from water pump when laying on ground. I wil need to jack up car and support with jack stands to get further under to check out better or acutally pull the wheel and fender splash shield to check.

This is not a lingering smell so I don't think it is a wire issue but have not checked for any blownn fuses.

I did drive the car myself for a couple of miles myself after checking stuff out, engine was at normal operating temp but didn't seem to dulpicate smell.:confused:

Any ideas and tips are appreciated

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