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91 AWD GSX Dead Injectors ,cpu or ??

03-18-2009, 02:50 AM
Hey , im having trouble atm with my 91 Mitsubishi Eclipse AWD GSX 2.0 , the injectors are not getting a pulse. Had the cpu replace long ago , was an issue with the A.B.S, and had a Talon Cpu for last 9 yrs, has ran perfect.Been hearing a clicking sound at times when driving behind the radio or dashboard, but feint.My Dad had some issues with the injectors not firing before i got the car , and had a local shop fix it, they said it was a wierd fuse for the injectors(what Dad told me the mechanic said).It ran great once again after the fuse repair. The car died on me last week on the way home , and just quit , no spit , no sputter ,like the key was shut off.It turns over with no injectors , and is getting spark but no injectors again. The local electronic auto specialist call me and said it was the cpu , and said he knew nothing of a fuse for the injectors. He said the cpu was smoked , but seems the car is having the same problem as when my Dad had it. The place who fixed it in the past is out of business , so no way to ask the old mechanic . A few mechanics i asked bout this issue said the cpu doesnt pulse the injectors on that make and model:confused: I'm scared to buy a new cpu , and have a continued problem , and burn up the new cpu till i get more clear answers from someone who knows these engines very well, any help at all would much appreciated :banghead::banghead::crying::mad:

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