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B18A fuel injector ticking

03-17-2009, 11:51 PM
I recently picked up a '90 Integra LS with 80,000 miles and one owner. It needed a bit of work ( waterpump/oil pan ), which I've completed. When I first drove the car I noticed the valves sounded like they needed some adjusting. They were out a couple of thou. and I thought this would cure the loud ticking valve train type noise. But it hasn't. I then found that the noise is coming from the fuel injectors. It's annoyingly loud and sounds just like a set of valve adjusters needed attention. Has anyone experienced this? I am wondering if new injectors would cure this ( assuming this has been addressed at the manufacturing level ).

04-03-2009, 10:16 AM
Ive had at least 12 of these OHC honda engines, and Ive noticed that same ticking in them all, I always go in to adjust the valves and they are either very close or still perfect, and the ticking continues. I have a stethoscope and the injectors are very loud when using that, one of the loudest parts I could hear. while they are definately loud enough to be easily audible, if yours is really loud then I dont think it would be the injectors.

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