03-12-2009, 02:54 AM
what up guys and maybe some badass girls, im new to this website and usually deal strictly with Imports, mostly Honda/Acura but i just bought a Euro Spec 91 ford cosworth 4x4 wolf edition(lip kit, all leather interior, is that all the special edition comes with? lol) with a garrett T 25, i dont know too much about the cossies yet. There wouldnt happen to be a doctor in the house by any chance........:loser: Wondering Where a good place to get parts for the car is......thanks

01-01-2016, 12:37 PM
Hi you have obviously been flooded with replies (smile). I presume you are from Vincenza Italy. There are clubs, still, for Cosworth but my experience with clubs is they feel entitled to have everything for nothing from non members and ask everything for very little when selling. There is a Cosworth parts dealer in France but parts are expensive there....I can't recall where it is...somewhere around Brive I think. I own a Cosworth 4x 4 Sierra in France......not high mileage, been on blocks since 2007. I bought and stored parts buying off eBay but only buying opportunely....don't rush in and pay top dollar...and don't get into bidding wars....'new chums' (and vendors racking up the prices).....there's nothing that doesn't come up numerous times over say 6 months or a year. I don't think much of the 4 door for looks but the basis is there for a good road car (including rear wheel drive) if you just run it 'standard' and bring it up to scratch with Bilsteins/Konis, replace the suspension parts and tyres if more than a couple of years old, buy the best tyres you can afford. Experiments done by a top suspension place in NSW on a New (last of) 351 Ford showed that with best tyres and shocks the sway bars could be taken off...compromises are of course a part of road car design. The weak link in the 4 x4 is the transfer case....and they fail around 350Hp but then...really..who needs 350Hp??....Pud-pullers generally get into that and then the over-spent car is sold-off . Leave it standard and put money into restoring it if it's in good shape....As for the idea....kits were expensive but add little to car value afterwards but may make it a faster sale. I reckon the SAAB Aero is a better performing , set-up, safer car and ergonomic car. It was the best set up front wheel drive car bar none. I drove Turbo R5's in France which would leave the Cosworth for dead and the Aero too however torque steer can be lethal when you put the boot into the car and it changes sides of the other words some front wheel drive cars are inherently dangerous...the SAAB wasn't. I still have my 2.3 Turbo Carlsson (1991) and sold off the beautiful Aero....I also have an 'end of the run' anniversary and would take the SAAB over any Ford any day...That said, as a rear wheel drive the BMW are better cars than Coswoth but the Cosworth 4 x 4 as I said can be a very good road car, make sure turbo cooling is good and respect the car, as they die out...and they will become a rarity/oddity and parts prices will drop. I was buying what I bought back around 2006/7. The XR4 is a much better looking car than the Sierra Sapphire in my opinion but the V6 is a dog of an engine in any car. They only look good in Red or Green (less common) Cosworth is grey!!...the most boring colour ever put on cars, other than white but....I never intended to leave it on blocks so long and will have to do considerable motor preparation when I get back there..... I went to France again in 2011 intending to do that and found I'd brought the wrong keys!...I don't know if any of that helps....years after your posing. Voila, Tony

01-01-2016, 01:15 PM
I should may have bought the 2 door 3 am I had in mind you bought the 4 door(?) . "Wolf' doesn't mean it's a worked car.....(necessarily) it could have just had some add-ons when new or later. If it's a 4 door then of course there are obvious differences in car value and appeal...I simply knew practically nothing about Wolf ( in terms of great detail).

You'd have to research for genuine wolf markings which may be stamped into the car or there may be some other way experts know. Whatever was done to Cosworth Fords they were still a racing flop by comparison with money spent on them and I repeat my earlier 'advice' make any Cosworth into a good road car, putting money into sensibly designed (not poly bushes for example...use originals) suspension work, best quality sports shocks tuned to the springs....and the springs may be due for replacement by now....shocks and a complete go-over .

The car will then hold best value and be best car...and knowing all that you'll drive it well. I owned a lot of cars...123 by the time I was 23, and restored many, including Rileys and Buick 8's then Fiats of all types (including triple Webering blueprinted 2300 sports coupes) Alfa's and worked many vintage cars well as some Holdens and Fords...doing the whole proper job not 'bolt-on' from the ground up.

It's all a waste of really is, put the money into property or good shares or a business or 'position-bettering' education

I stopped after stroking my lotus escort, including blue-printing and hand finishing mating surfaces....Today Korean cars have it all...including twin-turbo's. The only thing missing is rear wheel drive...and that's still the way cars should be made!!

I remember buying a genuine and beautiful 'flachbau' Posche from an 'into it all' Porsche racing driver with a car sales business outside Toulouse. After paying half of the money I began to have bad feelings and so I as I researched......and started asking for written guarantee that is was, as claimed, a factory car...He evaded the answering of proof of 'usine' genuiness until finally under confrontation under pressure demanding the claims be put on the receipt he eventually mumbeled it was actually 'done by the same company Porsche used'. Once a liar always a liar in I wanted the deal scrubbed and my money back. Look at how many 'Cosworth look-alikes' come on the market (maybe not so much today as many might have been scrapped) ....

I had to use a barrister to recover what I'd paid less 25% the car crook took. I learned a hard lesson....crooks abound and whether it's a colt revolver or a car you can less today than ever, take people's words as's 'all about money' in the established and worsening New Word the mad frenzy of a man fighting for his life... so ....if you still have the car or someone else does, research the whole wolf deal and maybe someone can do an article on it in the forum....but, only do what has to be done to it within its resale value....that's my, perhaps sobering, advice.

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