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1995 corsica

03-10-2009, 02:23 AM
I have a 95 Corsica that wen you hit 55 mph it starts shaking. I had the tires rotated & balanced & it still shakes. How do I tell if the struts are bad?

03-10-2009, 09:33 PM
Not sure struts would cause that...usually they will make a noise when hitting a pothole and if they are bad you can't align the front end. You could check bushings but I would suggest you look at your cv joints. When they go bad you get a lot of vibration, especially when turning. Look at the rubber boots and see if either is cracked and leaking grease. they can split, letting dirt and rain get in and ruin the cv joint.

08-09-2009, 11:55 PM
I started having alot of problems once I realized I had put ethanol in my car in the past. My car can't handle ethanol at all!! I drive & own a 1995 chevrolet cosica. Now that I burned the ethanol out of my car it's still running the sameway-it's dieing alot!! I never had any problems with my car until this ethanol issue!! I was told so many things that could be wrong with it. That the ethanol may have messed something up in my car!! It ran alittle better shortly after I had got the ethanol out. But now it's back to doing the samething. I was hoping that some of these pumps aren't having ethanol without the knowledge of the store business owners. I replaced the fuel pump. I had the fuel filter checked it was fine. It did have a code alarm box in it. I had this taken out because I was told this could've been why it's running the way it has been since the ethanol. That the problem could have ran from one thing to another but that not being connected. I was told it had to be a sensor that the ethanol may of did this. I've had a diagnostic test ran on it so many times I lost count!! I heard it could be an oxygen sensor. That it may not show up on the testing. What it does if it's cold it dies alot "Or" it doesn't start up for a certain period of time. Once you get it started & it's warmed up it will run better. But anytime I let it set over night "Or" through out the day it's back to the same problem dieing on me & not wanting to start. I am at the end of my ropes here. I've had so many people tell me it could be this "Or" that. I'm on a fixed income so it's really hard to just go out & buy another car. If you could help me over this I'd appreciate that so much. I've used fuel injector cleaner (& heat)right & left also. So all of this has became very costly doing that alone. I don't know what else I can do. Considered having health issues.
Thank you,

Karen L. Johnson

08-10-2009, 09:53 AM
o2 sensor problem would give a trouble code amd it would just run poorly, not stall. Stalling like you have is usually a result of a weak ignition module(common),and possibly a crank sensor. The module will NOT show a trouble code and crank sensor may or may not. Your digital egr valve could be acting up bu that usually results in a badly running car and will also give a trouble code. My advice is to have the module checked out. Yours is under the coils and the coils and module are removed as one part, three #10 bolts should be holding it on. Pretty sure yours is at the top of the motor though, unlike our old 91, which was in hard place to reach. Take the module and have it tested. Although they can sometimes fool the test equipment it should show as weak. Replace it if so. What happens is that they will act up when warm.

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