Piston to Valve clearance and CR questions.

seth 90DX/ZC
03-25-2003, 09:32 PM
I was wondering if there were any ways I could figure out what my piston to valve clearance is without claying the engine... Im using Endyn 11.16:1 pistons, other than decking/surfacing the head and block im pretty sure everything is stock (The Dohc ZC came from japan, so who knows) I will be using a 0.032(mm?) SCE copper head gasket from a D16A1. Im not sure what the stock ones are... I think my machinist told me I wanted a 0.030 one!? I will be using WEB reground cams (not hard welded) and (Hopefully) larry's SS valves and D16A1 rocker arms. Oh, it also has Eagle rods, I dont think that should make a diff. Anyone know what the piston to vlave clearance woulb be? Or could I calculate what it would be IF I knew what the stock highth of the block was? Also, anyone know what my compression would be?
Thanks, seth.

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