brake problem on 96 sebring

02-22-2009, 07:14 PM
Saturday my husband decided to redo the front brakes on our daughter's 96 Sebring Convert. He got the rotors redone, and new brakes. Bled all the lines. But now the brake pedal goes to the floor. Today bought a new master cylinder. Still the pedal goes down to the ground. What now?

02-22-2009, 11:46 PM
Did your husband replace calipers and wheel cyclinders also ?

Chrysler vehicles are very sensitive to bleeding procedures.

Did he bench bleed the master cyclinder, put the master cyclinder in a holder device, attach tubes to the outlet ports of the MC, fill resivoir with fluid, place tubes in resivoir below fluid level and push in on the MC piston with a screw driver or other tool , pushing no further than 3/4 " - 1 ", until all air bubbles are gone ?

After attaching the MC to the brake booster and securing brake lines to the ports, crack line fittings while someone SLOWLY depresses the brake pedal until no air bubbles are present at the lines to the MC.

When bleeding the brakes start at the right rear, then left rear, right front, then left front.

Depress the brake pedal slowly or you can off center the equalizer valve resulting in no fluid to either the front or rear brakes, which ever position the valve happens to be stuck in.

Hope this helps.

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