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1993 probe GT-key broke off in ignition

02-21-2009, 05:35 AM
When I went to start my car, I turned the key but it broke in half. (I think the key had a little bend in that didn't help). Part of the key is now inside the lock. I tried putting the key's other half in and turning it , but no luck. By doing this, the key is now further back in the lock. A locksmith tried getting the part of the key out, but couldn't.

How is the ignition lock cylinder removed? I've heard that the key has to be in 'ACC' mode and then you put a pin in a hole in the cylinder to remove it. The problem is that since the key is broken inside, I can't turn it to 'ACC'. Is there a way to turn to 'ACC' without the key being used? Below is a generic photo of the ignition assembly for my car.

Also, can the car be started by going straight to the ignition switch? I tried this with a screwdriver and it turned the positions, but won't not crank. Does that make sense? (

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