Not sure which car to pick, need help

02-15-2009, 10:23 AM
Hi there, I'm having bit of dilemma now which car should I get.

In few days I'll be finally getting my driver's license and my father's going to buy me a car. ( or so he says, I don't trust him very much -.-).
Got couple years of experience so I'm not new driver, and at the moment I have 3 cars in consideration.

1. Audi TT, older model. 99/00 is cheap, less then 8k euros. In good condition too, most of ones I saw are at least.
2. Audi A4 b6 version (2002-2005 model). Similar price to TT, bit more expensive. Front bumper is bit ugly compared to new model but in person it looks way better then on pictures.
3. VW GTI mkv. Most expensive of bunch. I kinda like it, but compared to other 2 exterior styling is bit meh. It's just golf on outside with some nice touch ups

What do you guys think I should go for? Pros/cons of each? Any help appreciated.

Oh and, I'm not from USA and don't have much money so can't go for some newer/better car :/

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