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Blown head gasket

02-06-2009, 05:12 PM
Well for quite sometime i was being told my head gasket was blown blah blah.. It has been sitting it never over heated still does not over heat. The antifreeze leaks within a weak and its empty. Well my plan is i want to take off the head tommorow and see if there is coolant in the cylindars and check the radiator also because i do see antifreeze at the bottom of the radator just sitting there. And on the plastic covering the fan it looks like there is some leak or something its dry Well i looked around the head i can only see the dist. that needs to be taken off and some other piece dont know what it is and a hose if i took off these components would i be able just to take off the head. And how do i take off the dist. i see two screws im not sure if thats it please let me know what else needs to be taken off im not changing anything as of right nwo just want to find out for sure by taking off head.

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