82-92 Full Borla Cat back (pics)

01-29-2009, 01:11 PM
Hey guys, ive been trying to sell this puppy since the summer, i had several people interested in it, they told me to hold onto it for them, then they never followed through, so its still here...
The pictures were taken as soon as it was taken off the car, and it was placed back into the box, and is still as is in the pictures.
Everything is included, all 3 plates, mounting brackets, everything is there...
One small problem is that the one side of the tips is bent shut. The car i had it on was totaled, nothing else on the cat back was harmed at all, just the double tip on one side is bent, which can be bought and replaced for $20
I am asking $550 (obo within reason) plus shipping...
I am on the boards often, but i sometimes forget to check my for sale threads, so any questions, or serious buys please send me an im on aim to DEATHS FUEL, or email me at DyingFetus@gmail.com, or post in here, the first two options you would probably be able to get ahold of me faster though.
Paypal would be the prefered method of payment.
Here are some pictures...

The good side of the tips, its the right side thats bent...




Like i said, everything is basicaly new, all except for the tips, it was only on the car for about 100 miles (literaly)

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