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o please for the love of god ...

01-23-2009, 11:24 PM
hello everybody . i would really appriciate if someone can shine some light on a few things about my integra .

1 . ok . i own a 2000 gs (b18b non v tec) . i have an old integra rs (1.8 non vtec ) 94 . i looked up hp numbers on the two ....and one said the 94 spec b18 b had 142 , and my 2000 b18b had 140 .(hp"} . is this just two diff estimates on the same motor or is there some sort of difference in my two b18s ?? it also says my 94 rs b18 was made in japan , while my 2000 b18 was made in america . i checked specs on another website and it said for the 94 it made 142 hp at 7000 rpm ///and the 2000 made 140 at 6200 ?it also said the 94 made 125 lbs/ft at 5500 rpm while the 2000 peaked 125 at 4400 rpm ? there has got to be some minor changes ?

2 .im planning on boring out my 94 b18 40 over on the bore and going with a higher compression forged pistons . getting porting and polishing done , maybe some trick cam gears and adjust the ignition and later on upping the fuel injector size . i have a full greddy cat back exhaust and 421 hedder , and k and n typhoon short ram intake . im just curious on what kinda improvements in performance i can hope to acheive with the above mods ? whp or crank hp number ballpark would be greatly appriciated .i know turboing or the ls vtec swap would warrent bigger gains , but i just want to know an educated guess on my b18 project . my mechanic seems to think it will improve performance quite a bit . what do you think ??

3 . thanks a million for anyone or everyones estimate and advice . thank you very much for your time .:smokin:

02-11-2009, 05:16 PM
Boring a Honda motor 40 over is a bit much, seeing as how their not really known for the strongest cylinder walls in the industry you'll definately want a deck guard to go with all that high compression. Seeing as how you're gonna go all motor with your proposal. I'd say you'd probably end up somewhere around 200 hp after alot of money. With a full build it would probably cost just as much to swap in an Accord motor and reach that horsepower without too much internal building. It would undoubtedly require more skill and take a bit longer but in the long run it would be more worth your time seeing as how there are a ton of built integras running around with roughly the same thing you're proposing.

02-13-2009, 01:23 AM
3 . thanks a million for anyone or everyones estimate and advice . thank you very much for your time .:smokin:

I think you need to do a lot more research on what you are looking to achieve. Gives us your end result, and I can maybe make more of your post.

The difference in HP numbers is minor, and is a result of different ecu's.

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