93 mercury tracer

01-18-2009, 08:34 PM
this car has me puzzled. this car belongs to a friend. the timing belt broke and he replaced that. well there are fuel issues now. all fuses have been checked he took the relays to work and had an electrician check them to see if they were good. put in a new fuel filter and fuel pump. check inertia switch and that was not tripped. problem is the fuel pump dont prime when you turn the key on. we tried jumpering the dlc and that turns the pump on only after you try to start the car not when you turn the key on like it is supposed to. when try to start car it runs for couple of seconds then dies. during this time can hear fuel pump run and relay kick off after is dies. also check ohm resistance in fused line in wiring harness just before pump that was good have good voltage to pump when cranking. im at a loss of were to go now. if you have any ideas im all ears...thanks

01-19-2009, 06:20 PM
well problem with the car solved after alot of :banghead: the solution was quite simple and just had me shaking my head when done. the only part not put back together on the car was the air tube from the airbox to the throttle body. and that was the whole problem. i have worked on numerous other cars including a 94 escort that i used to own and never had a problem starting the car with the tube off. but this one just sucked too much air with the tube off. so i guess there was a life lesson learned with this car. always always put the tube back on.

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