Will a 1991 engine fit in 1994 Previa?

01-14-2009, 12:45 AM
I think I blew up the engine in my Previa. :(
Rattledy, scraping, klunky noise.
Maybe the oil pump quit or something... Dunno yet.

My question for right now is: Will an engine out of a March - 1991
Previa fit in my March - 1994 Previa?

Is there anything majorly different between these different years. ??

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No S/C. No 4x4.

This 1991 engine is only supposed to have <9000 miles on it.
Yes, really.

~3 years ago the original engine got melted down with ~175,000 miles
on it.
I bought a used '20,000-60,000 mile Japan take out' to swap out.
Supposedly, that engine was compression checked, but I was not
provided with any results…
The original engine had some little actuator under the throttle body
that wasn't on the `new' engine. The port on the `new' engine that
the little tube was connected to on the throttle body is not even
drilled out and the bolt holes were not tapped for screws.
We didn't drill out the port, but did tap the holes and screwed the
actuator up there anyway, just to have a place to save it. Fast
Idle? Maybe the vehicle didn't have A/C? Cold weather item? Different
Model Year? I don't know. It can't have been too important; I
didn't seem to miss it in 3 years?

This current engine started making some `rattling' noises a couple of
weeks back when it was REAL cold. Was driving in town and it started
loosing power. Then the `Oil Level' light came on and the engine
died. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and checked the oil level.
Just barely down to ADD. ?? The oil reservoir has plenty of oil in
it. Tried the engine and it started right up. ?? Huh? It has done
that a couple more times.

When driving on the highway, it would start knocking if we tried to
go over ~50 mph.
I changed the oil. Put in 5w30. Thought that should be better for
the cold. Found the jug of previous oil. Looks like it had been
running with 10w40 oil in it. SHOULD have been OK. ?

Was driving to town on Monday. Still making some `rattling' noises.
Driving ~45 mph. Engine started making a scraping, grinding noise.
Shut off and Pulled over. Oil level is Ok. Towed the van home. :(

04-24-2011, 10:17 PM
i believe the egr valve is different something about it,not sure though

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