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Fuel PRessure regulators/Risers?

01-04-2009, 11:52 PM
1.) Im assuming fuel pressure regulators and fuel pressure risers are the same thing? or different??

2.) looking to install a new cam and other bolt on's on my 99 civic D16y8. I read that these motors tend to run little richer at WOT too cool better and prevent detonation... I guess the question is...will i benfit from upgrading my fuel pressure regulator, or could i be running too rich?? what about octane level? and also was looking into these proformance control moduels that communticate with stock ECU and sensors. Will this aftermarket control module be able to calculate a setting for the pressure with or without the fuel regulator?
Not looking to boost this engine at this point in time, just keeping it NA for now. I would think that this could be an easy question for someone. I am pretty new with this...

Thanks for the help:biggrin:

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