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03 zx2, smells like raw fuel on exhaust side of engine

m0nk3y b0y
12-30-2008, 09:52 PM
Changed the oil in my friends car, she drove off and not 20 minutes later she calls me and said its running bad. I thought maybe i disconnected the MAF when i checked the air filter, or maybe a vaccum line came loose. I get there and start it up, the is shaking way more than it ever did, it smells like raw fuel is dumping out of the exhaust. There is smoke coming from under the heat shield over the exhaust manifold. The MIL is on, tried reseting the computer but that did nothing. it will be tommarrow before i can get my OBDII scanner from my shop. Any ideas?

01-01-2009, 11:45 AM
Get your scanner on it. It could be several things such as a misfire, O2 sensor, or the intake air temperature sender. Recheck all the wires around the intake. When the mass air flow sensor is disconnected it reverts to a rich mixture by default.

m0nk3y b0y
01-01-2009, 08:14 PM
I scanned it, p0113 and p0118. Pulled the plugs and inspected them as well, cylinder number two had raw fuel on it. Replaced the plugs, it is no longer dripping fuel from the exhaust manifold but still running bad. Tried to drive it around and has no power, when we stopped the cat was cherry red... Im not sure what is going on here, but Im fairly certain it stems from cylinder number 2. Any ideas guys and gals?

02-15-2009, 04:12 PM
holy cow all that from changing the oil?
you obviously did something to it, not purposely of course but you hit something or jarred something,,,
wow the cat was cherry red,, you should probably kiss the motor goodbye if you continue to run it like this.
if raw fuel is dumping in tot he exhaust i would look at the spark plug wires, maybe one is pinched and not igniting the plug for that cylinder on the ingition side, then during the exhaust side the plug ignites again to fire the exhaust but it is firing the raw fuel and just cooking your enging,you also stand a chance of firing the cylinder on the upstroke forcing the cylnder and rod's down during an upward motion even though the exhaust valves are open reliving any compression, in the end you'll throw a rod if the engine is stressed or screw up the valves and rods.

in other words that cylinder is firing on raw fuel instead of the spent fuel thus causing alot of bad shit to happen. least of all is the cooking of your CAT.

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