2008 commander, can't find radiator fan fuse

12-29-2008, 03:23 PM
My radiator fan stopped working. The dealership service garage said it was probably a fuse, or the relay. They couldn't immediately find the fuse so they want to charge me $170 to find and replace the fuse. When I suggested warranty, (under 30,000 miles), They said the fuse probably blew because of snow build up under the vehicle and that would be considered an act of God. Really? I didn't realize driving in snow voided the warranty. I wonder if rain is OK. Anyway, does anyone know where to find the fuse for a radiator fan on a 2008 Commander?

06-07-2009, 12:02 AM
Its fuse 23 in the PDC which is the fuse box under the hood of the vehicle. There are two relays for the fans. A Low and a High speed relay but they both run off the same fuse and i would think they would be labled on the cover to the fuse box. And yes snow build up in the fans can cause the fuse to blow. Ive had several cases on Jepp liberty's from them blowing fuses for the radiator cooling fans in the winter. The dealership you took it to can say its not under warrenty and it may not actullly be i dont know for sure, but they wouldnt have a way to prove it was snow unless it was packed full when you took it to them. It would just be a possibility.

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