94/95 full sized 2-dr tahoe bogging on acceleration

12-29-2008, 09:25 AM
Hi all. It's cold outside so I hope some people here can help me narrow down a problem before braving the weather to fix my truck.

I've got a 2 door tahoe, (actually a yukon, but same darn truck) with the 350 v8. it's a late model '94, so it's got all the trim of a '95...not sure if that matters when it comes down to the guts. I thought there were changes made between 94-95...but I'm rambling so I'll continue...

The truck was running fine last monday, and sat unused for a week over christmas. I'm in chicago and we had some brutally cold weather, then a warmup, and now it's cold again. (snow-rain-snow as well.)

I started on my way to work this morning with no problems until I got on the highway (about a 7 minute timespan) after I got it up to about 55mph for 3 or 4 more minutes it started to sputter/stutter any time I stepped on the gas moderately. I was able to get off the highway and drive it home, but every time I step on the gas more than just a hair its sputters and sounds like it's farting through the carb. It feels like you pull off a few spark plug wires the way it shakes, but it immediatley goes away after letting up on the gas. idles fine. Truck has 200k on it, have only owned it for 20k of that and haven't had an issue.

I've checked plugs and wires for proper connection, but haven't replaced them yet (they are new as of 1 year ago) I tried pulling off the connectors to the two sensors connected to the carb (tps and maybye choke? I'm not really sure) and they made my engine race and idle...so I'm assuming those are ok. Haven't checked for codes yet, but I don't believe the check engine light ever came on.

I don't have a cat on it, so it can't be a clogged cat. Ran a can of heat through the gas tank on the way home, didn't seem to make a difference in the short trip (I thought maybe there was some water/ice chunked in the fuel line/filter)

It seems to start ok, idles fine, just does not like gas. Any thoughts?

Sorry for the duplicate post in this and the GMC forum, I figured maybe someone with a Tahoe or fullsize Blazer has had similar issues.

Just took it for a spin a few hours later and the problem seems to have cleared up. Temperature has gone just above freezing outside as well, maybe that backs up the ice chunk in the fuel line theory?

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