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87' Teg Starting Issue and PGM-FI light Please Help

12-29-2008, 07:13 AM
I have a 87 teg no more than a year ago got the entire fuel system redone nothing more than stock but new. about 4 months ago i was having an issue where like 1 of every 5 starts it would not start assumed fuel filter gave the Tank a good hittin and it fired right up right after installed a new filter and ran great.

i did not drive her from the 18th of october till the 23rd of december and it fired first try drove about 70 miles or so in rain and i noticed it would start to idle right around 3500 played with the throttle and it went away did not come back that day x-mas eve fired it up and again raining and the idle imidiately jumped to 3500 for about 10seconds and then went back to Nuetral Idle about 850 drove 20 miles and again back to 3500 drove about 2 miles till the offramp and it idled at 2500 stoped at a light car boged out and would not start at all not even try to start
pulled out my manual and the ECU Code was showing that my TDC Sensor or circuit was faulty so of course purchased a new Distributer installed it to spec and it wont start

cranks rather fast in my opinion i have spark it has been timed twice no apparent vaccuum leaks and ECU still flashes code only thing i have not checked was the Fuel Injectors but i have been working on it from about 4pm till 4am and finally said enough:banghead:

if you have any ideas they would be much appreciated and asap i was supposed to be 500 miles away with my teg but no run no go so ya

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