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1997 Jeep GC Stalling-cool-restart

12-25-2008, 04:31 PM
Ok this is my first post-so give me a brake- I've been working on a 97 Jeep w/4.0 auto. Over the past 4 weeks, I replaced the CPS, ASD relay, ASD in the distributor, New plugs, New plug wires, new coil, moved the coil, installed a resistor-per dealer advice, and Pcv valve. The Jeep would drive fine- then shut down- cool off- start fine. Usually at 40-50 MPH, shut down, then sometimes start back-up. Finally, It shut down completely, so I decided to replace the PCM, so I picked up a used one for $40. I checked all the mechanical timing marks and everything was right-on. I put the new PCM on and tried to start it. Nothing. I crawled underneath, unbolted the Cat converter and jumped out & hit the key. She took off & purred like a kitten. I reinstalled the old PCM, put on a new cat, and she runs fantastic.

This forum has been very helpful to me. I just wanted to give something back.

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