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Acura Integra Sedan Tail Lamps For Sale

chato de shamrock
12-20-2008, 10:52 PM
These are the original Koito tail lamps. They were from my old 1995 Integra LS Sedan, before I replaced them with some aftermarket lamps. Car was stolen by some douche bag(s) low life(s) so I've had them stored in a box, in my bedroom closet for a couple of years with no need for them anymore. The conditions are very good. No cracks to the lamps, a few light scrapes here and there that really arent noticable unless you focus your sight and are determined to find inperfections, but no large or deep scrapes that can be easily noticable. $50 plus shipping and PayPal fees.

Additional pictures are on this link:

If you'd like additional pictures please let me know and I'll take some. E-mailing me is probably the faster way to communicate: Please notify in the e-mail subject area the email is regarding the tail lamps, otherwise I might think the e-mail is spam and delete it. Thanks for your time.

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