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Battery and Brake Light On, Replaced Alternator Last Saturday? (Nissan Maxima 97 GLE)

12-20-2008, 09:57 AM
Here's the full story.

Last Saturday, I'm going to work, my battery light and brake light come on. I decided to keep driving since I was almost a my job anyways. Next thing my car starts to shutdown. Good thing I was next to Midas. They told me that it was the alternator gone bad.

So, I take my car back home and brought a re-manufactured alternator from Autozone. I got this guy to put it in for me who does this kind of work on a regular basis. He told me, you might what to change the serpentine belt because mines was a little worn but not too bad. I go buy a new one from Autozone. We put it in everything seems to be good.

After three days, I wake up to start my car and my car starts making a noise. I open up my hood and it was the serpentine belt making a loud screech noise which became the caused of the smoke coming out of the car. Therefore, I proceeded to make sure again if it was the right belt since they told me at Autozone it was. But, I'm sure that it wasn't because the belt broke. From what I learned on my own is that if the grooves of the belt don't match the pulley it's the wrong one. Next, I put the old one back on which wasn't that bad at all. My car was working just fine at that moment.

Now, this morning I wake up to leave out the house. (car was driven for two days before I had this problem) My car started normally like usually, about the next minute my battery and brake light came on. At this point, I'm :uhoh::lol::headshake:confused:. Because, it went off then came back on again. I told myself, to go back home and find out what the problem is? Any suggestions on what it may be? or what to do?

Nissan Maxima 97 GLE.
Battery and brake light on.

Alternator replaced with re-manufactured one last Saturday.

Serpetine belt replaced with new but then replaced again with the original one after it being the wrong one on Thrusday.

Battery and brake light appear again this morning.

P.S. Check engine light on but has bene on for a month and oil light blanks often.

12-20-2008, 11:26 AM
Nissan Maxima 97 GLE.
Battery and brake light on.

Alternator replaced with re-manufactured one last Saturday....

= No charge. Alt swap interval spent...? Remans are notorious in failing.

Now got loose connector?

Maybe the real fault has been all the time somewhere else. Grounding, charge cable, bad connector[s]...
Go thru pages 5,10,14,23

12-22-2008, 12:35 PM
Have you read your car for codes? I would do that and see what pops up...

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