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92 eagle awd need some help

12-14-2008, 07:02 PM
so im trying to get this talon. it sat for about 6 months. my buddy said take it out for the weekend and make sure it will run good or worth buying. so i have had the car a couple days ive only had one real problem with it. it has to warm up to actually give me power. heres what happens.
sometimes stock gauge will say there is boost at a low rpm, but goes away and runs like a normal after its warmed up.
i can get it on the road but if its cold i can only get it too about 2000 3000 rpm registers 7 pounds. anything more will make the car stutter and the gauge goes to 11 to 12 pounds.
it also has a squeky alternater belt but only every once and a while.
but like i said once its warmed up it gets on it. any help would be appreciated i got till 2 morrow to figure out if i want the car or not thanks

12-14-2008, 07:54 PM
Its probably just a boost leak when cold. Once the car warms up the leak is not as bad. I wouldn't be worried to much about it. If thats all thats wrong with it I would buy the car. Its an easy fix.

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