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88 Isuzu Trooper won't move. Help.

Teddie Lynn
12-12-2008, 11:12 PM
O.K. New to this -Bear with me. Bought my Isuzu pretty cheap-$400 ! It ran- just needed new head gaskets. (previous owner never replaced the bolts ! ) ok.also changed the bolts, gave a tune-up...(although it had new everything-even the heads !).. Here's the sad part, driving down the highway, rpm start running high-4-5, lost speed-came to a stop. Lost hose on bottom of transmision and lost all my oil ! Got towed back home. Replaced hose, and added about 9 qts of oil ( I was told to add that much seeing as how I had probally run it all out !). Dip Stick marks barely over on tranny fluid. Started my trooper-let it run for about 15 minutes (in nuetral) to allow oil to drop in. Was going to take it for a drive-BUT- it won't move. E-brake not engaged either. Feel no tension-nor do I need to depress brake to move shifter, it slides forward and back like it has no gears. (not sure if all 88's are the same-but mine is an automatic on the floor-4x4) I have been told its a clip ? the front pump in the transmision ? overfull on the fluid ? bad wiring grounding out on the alterator ? fuses ? Help ! Has anyone else had this problem ? I don't want to pay the $150 consult inspection fee offered by our local transmision repair, I do not own a money tree in the back yard, and my mechanic abilities are limited. But other than it not moving its just beautiful and perfect for where I live-if I can ever get it to move.

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