Need help ! Think dealership screwed up

12-12-2008, 03:59 PM
I just finished having my transmission rebuilt at the dealership wich cost an absolute fortune and still has the same problem as before:banghead: .
Now i got my srt-4 back and i noticed on the way home my engine oil light came on. Well i didnt panic went out right away bought some mobile one and topped her up to the right levels and checked the driveway the next day for leaks. Well the folowing morning i fire up my car and notice that oil is literally pouring out from somewhere on the right passenger side of the engine somewhere up by where the belt system all is. Anyone got any ideas what this could be?, before i tow it back to the dealership and give them some choice words for this and my transmission wich still isnt fixed after 4300$ later.

12-13-2008, 11:10 PM
I'm not sure why you wouldn't have just bought a stock tranny off of someone for around 500 bucks...but the problem at hand. Oil coming out of the passenger side after a tranny rebuild could be:

Oil filter
Oil drain plug
Oil cooler
Rear main seal(biggest possibility since after tranny rebuild)
Turbo oil line(feed or drain)

Also, paid for work to be done. The car that you received is not in the same condition as was dropped off. Take the car back, at their expense, and make them fix whatever the heck they forgot to do or messed up. Dodge tech's have to be some of the biggest car morons known to man, just keep that in mind.

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