VIP/Street Sentia. Low budget pimping

12-09-2008, 02:47 AM
Hi Everyone! My first ever post.
I've got a 1991 Mazda Sentia with four wheel steer. At the moment I've got 18inch rims on it with a 235 width and I've had no problems with rubbing or anything. I live over in New Zealand so aftermarket parts are very expensive. Does anyone know of places I could import a bodykit for the Sentia/929?
Otherwise I'm going to craft one from am R33. Yes, GTRs, R32s, R34s, all of these are redily available in NZ.
I'll post pics of it on a new thread soon. It's one of only 27 registered Sentias in the whole country so it already stands out. I'm hopping to get it up to show car condition over a 12 month period and I'll post pics of everything I do. The whole theme of the car is a VIP crossed with street style. So no 22 inch rims! lol. Anyone who can help or any critiscsm is accepted with open arms.

vip sentia
03-18-2009, 12:16 AM
nice put im trying to do up a 95 sentia ive only seen 4 others in hawkes bay wot area are you from

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