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98 accord v6, boggs really bad

12-07-2008, 10:17 PM
my j30a1 is sick, one day it was fine, the next thing u know its running like ****, after warming up you can rev it to redline once, but each time after that it loses around 500 rpm each time you do it, until it wont go over 2000 rpm, first it came up with a code for insufficient egr valve lift, i found a bad wire, fixed it, reset the ecu, and it was fine for about a week, then it slowly lost power over the next week, until it couldnt move itself anymore, wouldnt idle for more than 10 seconds, i changed the fuel pump assembly, now it idles, but still the bogging problem, and now it was misfiring really bad, it was giving me codes for #1,#2,#4,#5,#6, and random misfire, nothing about #3,so i changed the coil, sounds alot smoother at idle, still the bogging problem, so i changed the distributor, no more misfire, still the bogging problem, changed the map sensor, no difference, ive also changed the plugs, wires, cap, and rotor, and gave it an oil change, i dont know if the vtech is engageing, becouse it wont rev over 2000, on the road it has almost no power, it takes off from a dead stop like nothing was wrong, until it gets to 2000 rpm, then its all downhill from there, car wont go over 30, dont want to shift to the next gear, and good luck with any kind of hill. ive been using a autoscanner plus, and when im driving it the only thing i see doing anything wrong is the caculated load is different than when the cars running normal, when im trying to get the car to move, i can only give it about 30% throttle, otherwise it boggs so bad it starts slowing down, at the same time it boggs it says theres an 89% load on it, at the 30% throttle i was refering to it says its at 78% load. according to my scanner theres nothing wrong with the car, except a pending code for egr lift again, ive spent the last 4 weeks trying to figure this out, its driving me nuts, ive had 10 different hondas, and never did i have problems like this, im starting to really miss my older hondas, but then again none of them had a v6 either. if anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated

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