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Advise: How much of a hassle to change AIR FILTER on an Econoline E-250 (1998)?

12-07-2008, 05:56 PM
Hi guys!

While I had my Econoline E-250 at the Ford Dealer to correct a fire-hazard widget (recall) they informed me that my air filter was "disgustingly filthy."

Now, the last time I changed an air filter on a vehicle was . . . well, a long time ago heh. :tongue:

It was round.
It had a wingnut.
This was before the PC.
This was a 4-door Datsun.
What is under my hood now looks like something out of Aliens.

So I get out my Leetle Eetie Beetie Miniature Manual you know, the one that Ford coughs up to possibly make a rainforest statement I don't know and there is a diagram of the general area of where the thing is . . . and nothing else.

Discussion about oil.
Brake Fluid.
Tire pressure.
Even windshield wipers.

Air Filters? Fuggedaboutit.

Now I'm a gal of (ahem) a certain age who can drop a 200 ft. tall tree with her Stihl chainsaw. I build my own computers. I'm not afraid to learn this and I researched the Fram Air Filter part no. CA8039.

This thing is a cone job like nothing I've ever seen.
There's obviously been some engineering going on since I last looked at an air filter.
Either that or Madonna heh heh.

Okay guys, give it to me straight:
Exactly how much of a pain in the ass is this going to be for me to change this air filter on my Econoline? I see the Big Plastic Thing With A Clip On It Generally In The Area Where The Diagram Points To and am thinking it is enclosed somewhere in this Big Plastic Thing (?). I can unclip it, but it's attached. And really I don't know what I'm doing because the miniature manual that came with my Econoline has nothing about air filters.

Is this going to be a short trip to Walmart and a screwdriver . . . or do I have to disassemble the whole friggin engine to get to the air filter?

Thanks Guys.


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