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Eldo heat issues

12-06-2008, 05:24 PM
My 91 eldo heat has what I think are two seperate problems. Help me decide. The temp buttons do control the amount of heat or turns on the a/c if it is required. The blower motor however seems to be too slow. It is working but it does not seem up to what I would expect. Have these motors been prone to slow down while still working? I have some shop time today and should be able to start with a voltage check at the motor as well as a direct jumper to it to see if it will take off. Next I''ll pull it to make sure there is no restriction like a mouse nest or anything else. Fortunately it is an easy replacement accessable on the firewall so if need be I''ll get a new one. The other thing I noticed and am clueless on is the blending of upper windshield and lower compartment air. There is a noticable difference in the temperatures of the two air supplies. The upper is much hotter. Is that normal or if the blower was working harder would the hotter air be forced downward? It is slow enough that I think the hotter air is naturally rising rather than being forced out through the bottom. Where or what do I look for here. Is there a blend door I could check? I am waiting for my Cadillac manual which is on the way but I could use some direction early. Thanks

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